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Monday, May 7, 2012

Brand New

What's up blog viewers. We are back with a new blog site ^_^ (even tho it looks like the old one except with more ads O_o). Anyways, we have changed the site address to so if your following the old blog, you need to change that. Also, we have changed the youtube channel to ViralAnimation so if your subscribed to the old channel, you need to change that =P. And finally, we have a facebook page, so check that out.Other those changes, we have begun working on an animation project for our youtube channel, so you can look forward to that in the future.

Enough about what is going on with GotViral, now to talk about what's new for May. Let's see, there are a few things that I am looking forward to:

Video Games

Starhawk - Release Date 5/8

Dragon's Dogma - Release Date 5/22

TV Shows

Common Law - Premieres 5/11


The Avengers - Out Now

Think Like A Man - Out Now

Dark Shadows - 5/11

Men in Black III - 5/25

That is the list of what I am looking forward. If you are looking forward to something this May that is or is not on my list, leave a comment about it. Well until next post, I leave you with an interesting parody that I found while browsing youtube. It is made by Adam Ivy and Will Hatcher. Check them out. Peace.

GotViral Team
Nebenji, (Author)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Going Viral

What's up everyone? We're here with another post about going viral. Today, I am going to provide some tips on how to go viral.

  1. First, you want to come up with your own unique idea. Something that you have created or something that hasn't been done before.
  2. Next, you want to take you idea or creation and form it into a blog, video, picture, or an form of media that you can upload to the internet.
  3. After that, you want to tell your friends about it and share it through social media websites, such as twitter, facebook, google plus, etc...(and when I say share, I don't mean spam. No one likes spam >_<)
  4. Finally, you wait to see how people react to your creation. Regardless of whether it goes viral or not, get feedback on what people like or didn't like about your creation and respond to your viewers about what can be improved or what they would like to see. *Feedback does not include advertisements, spam, trolls (don't feed the trolls), or anything else that is not tangible to what you have created*

These are a few tips that you can use to begin your process of creating a viral sensation ^_^. Even if you have already created something, you can always use these tips to help improve your creation. I will end this post by showing you a video that a friend of mine, who is a member of Chill Hill Media (click to find out more) recently created that went viral. Also, if you haven't already don't forget to follow our blog, subscribe to our youtube, and leave us some feedback (your opinion matters).

Until next time, Peace.

GotViral Team
Nebenji, (Author)

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Welcome to the GotViral blog site

You may be asking yourself, "What is GotViral all about?" Well, GotViral is about uploading and linking the public to the newest viral videos on the internet. If you don't know what a viral video is or understand the concept of going viral, I suggest that you immediately google it right now. But, for all you people that are too lazy to do that (people like myself) I will explain it like this, "The concept of 'going viral' is uploading anything to the internet and having it immediately become popular (in this case not always a lasting popularity) through social media sites.

So now that you know about GotViral, how can you make sure that you'll always stay informed? Well you have a few options there such as; following our blog site (if you enjoy reading through post that will go on and on and on, if they are written by me), or by subscribing to our youtube page (which is linked here and you can also get to by clicking the video below).
I recommend doing both because I can't guarantee that I will always be updating the blog site (someone else will probably do it). Also, if you like our sites, hate our sites, or want content posted to our sites, let us know.

We also have a site for gamers. If you would like to join check out

Until our next blog post, Peace.

GotViral Team
Nebenji, (Author)