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Monday, May 7, 2012

Brand New

What's up blog viewers. We are back with a new blog site ^_^ (even tho it looks like the old one except with more ads O_o). Anyways, we have changed the site address to so if your following the old blog, you need to change that. Also, we have changed the youtube channel to ViralAnimation so if your subscribed to the old channel, you need to change that =P. And finally, we have a facebook page, so check that out.Other those changes, we have begun working on an animation project for our youtube channel, so you can look forward to that in the future.

Enough about what is going on with GotViral, now to talk about what's new for May. Let's see, there are a few things that I am looking forward to:

Video Games

Starhawk - Release Date 5/8

Dragon's Dogma - Release Date 5/22

TV Shows

Common Law - Premieres 5/11


The Avengers - Out Now

Think Like A Man - Out Now

Dark Shadows - 5/11

Men in Black III - 5/25

That is the list of what I am looking forward. If you are looking forward to something this May that is or is not on my list, leave a comment about it. Well until next post, I leave you with an interesting parody that I found while browsing youtube. It is made by Adam Ivy and Will Hatcher. Check them out. Peace.

GotViral Team
Nebenji, (Author)